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How To Rank For Google's Featured Snippets?

According to the research, almost 30% of the search contains the featured snippets. And the statistics still continues to rise as the demand for voice search is increasing tremendously. In fact, it has never been so important to acquire position ‘zero’ for the search result.

Featured snippets are more likely to be clicked by the user, even more than the first position search results. Although it is one of essential parts of Google to provide the ranking, it still has been ignored the most in the process of ranking strategies.


Featured snippets help the user to answer search questions or topics in a short and concise way. Check out the essential things you need to know about featured snippets.


#1. You Can’t Generate Featured Snippets
Only Google has the right to create featured snippets; it creates them at their own discretion. You may undergo the lots of effective SEO strategies but you can never force the creation of featured snippet.


#2. You Can Capture Featured Snippets from Others
A few of the leading SEO companies list down the effective ways to acquire featured snippets through the tools, such as SEMrush, Moz Pro or Ahrefs site explorer. These tools allow you to see where your website ranks for search queries and those rankings help you to know which query currently show featured snippet and its format.


#3. Page #1 Rankings Required
Achieving one is extremely challenging unless your page ranks on page #1 for a search query that targets the featured snippet. In addition to this, the recent research shows that 99.56 percent featured snippet is from the site that ranks in the top 10 of that search term.


#4. Understand and Analyze Opportunities
You know that a featured snippet for a keyword could help you to achieve rank on page #1, it's the right time when you must try and capture it.


Analyze the current site and identify what answer they are offering to the user for their queries that satisfies them the most. Understand their strategy and improve your solutions to provide your users with a better experience for that topic.


#5. Grammar is Important
Mumbai SEO agency undergone a strict evaluation process and found that the grammatical mistakes in the heading or description section could hurt your rankings badly. Thus, it is important to check the grammar twice before publishing for the users, which affect your online reputation.

#6. Formatting is valuable
Search for the current snippet and if you found it in a table format, ensure that you frame your answer in a table format. If the current snippet is in another format, like bulleted list or paragraphs, make sure you follow the same pattern as well.


#7. Featured Snippets Are Expanding, Becoming More Diverse
Though featured snippet evolved around for a while, still, its types and displays have expanded a lot. As it is continued to expand and diversify, it provides tons of opportunities to the businesses to acquire higher ranking among Search Engine Result Pages.


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