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How To Make Your ECommerce Website SEO-Friendly?

If you are an owner of a shop and want to step into the online market then here are a few ways which will help you to make an eCommerce website. Achieving the remarkable position in the online world is never easy. No matter what search engine bots will index your page high and users will have a great experience.


If you are an SEO expert then you know that once you are in the market you cannot control your ranking. It is damn hard to control the website rank.


So let's focus on the 4 key points which can help you to improve your eCommerce SEO, that has been followed by the leading SEO company in Mumbai. Let’s dive deep into it.


#1. Robot text



If you can’t control the bots then what will you do? You will control the pages which should be indexed or which shouldn’t be there. Robot text is something which helps you to control the indexed page. It allows you to control the page whether you want this page to show to a user or not.


Let’s get this point straight, if you don’t want that the user won’t able to see a particular page until he makes the purchase then robot text can help you to do that and think how good it will be when a user leaves the page with good reviews.


#2. Page URL and title


Your page title and URL should be independent. It can help you to save from duplicate content or it can provide you with a best chance to rank on SERPs for special keywords. You can use trending keywords in different URLs and bots will automatically land on your page.


If you have used limited keywords on your home page then this is the chance where you can build different titles for each product.


#3. Canonical Tag


Canonical URL can help you to sell different products at different places while telling search engines that this is all from one URL. It will tell Google that you want all the link juice on this page and search engine will rank your eCommerce page high on the SERPs.


Canonical URL can help you to put multiple products under similar URL. here you have a chance to give link juice to your most important page. So now you know the value of the canonical tag.


#4. Automatic redirect


If you are consuming time to make canonical URL and 301 redirects then you don’t want to send your user to the broken links. It will create a bad image of your eCommerce page. So what is the option here?


You can use automatically redirect to redirect the user to your primary or canonical page. Isn’t it a great option? So don’t forget this point.




These are a few simple yet effective SEO strategies that are sure to improve the page rank of the eCommerce website.  In fact, these are the commonly followed SEO services ludhiana companies implement to get more traffic.


Make an SEO friendly page because it will help you to secure a place in the organic results and trust me you don’t want to lose this position. It can drive a lot of traffic to your website.