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How To Become A Successful Content Creator?

Working as a content writer in the best SEO firm , I was quite surprised to hear from my co-writers that almost 91% of business-to-business (B2B) experts consider content marketing into their strategies. However, there is no surity of the quality of the content. Many people belittle the profession of content creation but it is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot than you could even imagine to be a great content creator.


With the content being an essential part of your search engine optimization practices, the demand of high-quality content writers is growing more than ever. If you are struggling to write impressive content for your business clients, then here’re a few tips that will certainly help you out:

Be Updated About Your Industry:


Like fashion trends, content you’re creating should be at pace with the industry trends. Suppose, you are producing content for top Indianapolis SEO companies and you are not aware about the latest updates in your industry, then would you be able to generate appealing content? You always write content considering the interests of your readers. Considering this, if you are not investing time and resources in searching, understanding and absorbing the latest happenings , then you are not doing justice to your professional. Dig up the internet to derive information about the innovations and improvements in your industry. Once you are clear about the past, you can make a step towards the future. So, use that information to get familiar with the current consumer behavior. Engage with  like-minded people and get insight about their reading choices. Be updated as and when any new creation or update pops up in your industry.


Write As Much As Possible:


One of the keys to success behind the most top content writers is that they know they are capable of doing wonders. Develop a writing habit. Maintain a journal and pen down one thing that made you happy today or any thought or idea that has been stuck in your head since long. Remember, you do not wake up one morning and transform into a magician of words. It is a work of daily efforts and practice. Revise the old articles you have read before going to bed. Find out what you understood and what you found hard to register.


Create Your Own Unique Identity:


With a plethora of content creators in the industry, you should work on creating your own voice. Seldom, brands restrict the writers to use a fluffy-language but you should still try to give your perception that motivated you to become a part of this noble business. Tell your audience something which even the best seo firm is failing to tell them. Narrate personal stories relating to your content and keep your audience engaged.

Remember that the person you are today is because of the habit you have formed. Adhere to these habits and become a content creator who is an inspiration to many.

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4 Ways To Create An Effective Landing Page

It is a recognized fact that landing pages are of great help in generation of business leads. According to digital marketing experts working in top SEO companies in Fremont, almost 67% medium-sized organizations adopt and implement this tool on a constant basis. Often, the terms ‘landing page’ and ‘destination page’ are used as synonyms to each other. A landing page enables a business to get its hands on the important personal details of a customer such as an email-address.


It is difficult to understand the website traffic in the absence of a landing page which allows converts of visitors into leads. Top marketers often struggle to develop impressive landing pages.If you’re also looking for ways to build effective landing pages, then here are some effective tips that will certainly help you out:


Be Specific About Your Goal:


The foremost thing to consider while creation of a landing page is focussing on a particular action or goal. Often, brands jump on landing page even before understanding the purpose behind its creation. But this is not the right approach. Be certain what you intend your visitors to experience on the page. It can be any type of action from lead generation to improving sales that you choose to emphasis about. Go with the rule, one action on one landing page.


Write An Attractive Headline:


Every visitor is interested to know what you have to offer to him/her through your pages. To provide an immediate answer to their general query, you should add a catchy headline to your pages. The digital marketing specialists from SEO Virginia lay emphasis on drafting simple and easy to understand page headlines. You should address the prevailing issues and problems of your visitors. Also, your website should prompt users to take a call for action in getting their hands on the information presented on the landing page.

Provide Benefits Of Choosing Your Brand:


With a plethora of brands and businesses available in the market, the confusion in the minds of the consumers is quite evident. Rather promoting your brand, you should state certain benefits of choosing you to your present and potential customers. Adopt the techniques and tactics of Phoenix SEO companies and use your landing page as a means to convey the difference your brand will make in the lives of your consumers. It can be anything from saving time to money to earning money to promoting their own brands. Put efforts and resources to communicate your brand benefits to your targeted audience.

Create A Pleasant User Experience:


Make sure that you have eliminated redundant links, content, images from your website. Avoid using more than one column or otherwise your important messages shall not go unnoticed by your users. As far as possible, try to add a main image at the beginning of your landing pages. Another important thing to bear in mind is to keep your call to action on the landing page, uninterrupted. Include heading, subheadings and bullets to direct visitors to your content. Give a hint to the visitors as what they will be rewarded while disclosing their personal information such as email-id. The bottom line is create a focussed experience for your website users.

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The Importance of Voice Search for Your Business SEO

According to DeepCrawl, 55% of teens and 41% of adults were already using voice search by March 2016. Top SEO company in San Diego say that voice that the success of voice search is hidden in its ease of access. All users have to do is to simply unlock their devices and say “Hello Google”. Other tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft soon realized the potential of voice and jumped into the market with their versions of voice assistants. Any St. Loius SEO company would agree that what once was a Hollywood fantasy has now evolved into a technological revolution.


But does voice search has any significance as far as your business is concerned?

BrightLocal, a local SEO solution provider, did a study in 2018 with 1,012 US-based consumers to realize the impact of voice search. The data spoke for itself. As a response to their question “Have you used voice search to find information for a local business in the last 12 months?”, 56% of respondents answered yes. Their choice of a device being their smartphones.



According to Gartner, About 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020. And finally, as per Comscore,  50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Amazing, isn't it? Such a shift from traditional search methods to voice search. It only makes sense now to think more and more about shifting your gears from traditional search methods to voice search.


Why people Prefer Voice Search?


Optimizing your business website has many advantages as nowadays people tend to prefer it more and more. The sales of smart speakers concreate this claim. According to Techcrunch39 million Americans owned a smartphone speaker in 2018.  But why people are suddenly in so much love with voice search? The most positive thing about voice search is that people tend to use it when they need something specific and immediate. So, say, if you need to search for a certain product, manufactured by a certain specific brand, with some particular specifications, then typing long sentences might feel uneasy to you.  On the other hand, you can simply speak whatever is on your mind to your voice assistant, and it will take care of it. As St. Loius SEO company would put it: “The smart speakers make it even easier. Now you don’t even have to go through the pain of typing into your smartphones. You can simply speak from anywhere in the house ( but well within the range of the device) and boom!  It’s done. Voice search save you from physical efforts. That’s why people love it”


Marketers have already picked up the trend. Business owners have started optimizing their websites according to voice search already. It’s time you started yours. As optimising your voice results for your local business would only help you to stay ahead of your competition. And if you are having any troubles in doing that yourself, then simply say “Google, get me Top SEO companies in San Diego for my local SEO.”


Top 5 Image SEO Tips For Your Blog

When performing an SEO for your blog, or website, everything that’s visible matters. From content to meta description everything counts. And what’s more visible than an image itself? St. Louis SEO experts, and many others like them, would agree that image optimization is a must for webpage’s SEO. So let’s have a look at the top 5 image SEO tips that you could use to make your blog rank better.


  1. Size of Image

Image size is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to uploading an image on your blog. A large image increases your page load time. And page load time is an important factor for two obvious reasons. First, visitors who have to wait longer than 3 seconds for a page to load properly choose to leave the website instead of choosing to wait for the same.  Second, if more people keep on repeating the same “Page leaving” behavior, Google takes a note of it, in a negative way. SEO services in San Diego would advise practicing options like image scaling, using images of lesser size, and image scaling.

2. Alt Text

Alt text, or alternate text, is the name that appears in place of an image if it doesn’t load properly. Alt text helps your viewers know what an image is about in case their connection is slow. Even Google considers alt text to understand the context and content of your web page.

3. Captions

You know what an image caption is. But why are they important for image SEO? The reason is that many visitors don’t read but crawl through blogs. And all they stop on are headings, subheadings, bullet points, and image captions. Giving a proper caption to an image is like providing your readers a reason to stop and give a thought to it. Making them spend more time on your webpage.

4. Use Responsive Images

Using the responsive image option means supplying the browser with multiple image sources depending upon the display size of the user’s device. So in case a user tries opening an image on his iPhone that was originally meant for a Mac, the browser will instead supply an image that suits the phone’s resolutions. But that’s only possible if you have provided the browser with multiple image options.


5. Use an Image Only When Necessary

When people get to know that images are good for SEO, they start using them rather unnecessarily. But that’s a bad practice. Unnecessary images not only slow down your web page by increasing its load time, but they also hamper your readers flow. That’s why it’s important to use images only for informative purposes rather than decorative ones. So if your blog post is about St. Loius SEO services, then instead of providing an image of the city of St. Louis, try posting images that contain the reviews of the services. Using graphs, flow diagrams, and stats is a good practice though.


Image SEO has always been an important part of many top bloggers SEO strategies from the start. That’s why every blogger should pay heed to these optimization techniques to not only help your web pages rank better but to also enrich your reader's experiences. And if you are rather thinking of seeking professional help in this matter, then simply Google for SEO services in your city. A mere “ SEO services in San Diego”, as an example, would help you take care of all your SEO troubles.


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Why You Need an SEO Partner For Your Memphis Business

Memphis is the major commercial and industrial center of western Tennessee. Making it a hotspot for starting-up your business. So congrats for choosing Memphis as your market or workplace. But the competition is tough, as many others might also have driven the same conclusions as you did while choosing the best city do business in. So before you get down with your resource allocations, be sure to set aside a portion of it to team up with an SEO firm in Memphis. Why SEO firms? That’s because a good SEO firm helps your business stay ahead of your competition. But how that happens?


How SEO benefits your brand


Taking services of any of the top SEO firms improves your chances of getting ahead of your nearest competition(s) in many ways. Because not only they help you improve your game, but also inform you what your competitors are doing right. Let’s have a look upon 5, of the many, ways by which a good SEO firm helps you turn into a market leader.

1.They Bring You a Better Visibility


Reports indicate that  88 percent of consumer pre-research their buys online before making a purchase either online or in-store. SEO agencies know this and more data like this by heart. Firms make sure that your online presence stays strong by promoting it through social media channels and other online mediums too. Through this, customers come to know about your brand in more than one way, many time a day

2. They Keep Your Site in Good Shape


SEO firms perform regular and necessary audits like Link Audit, Social media audit, e-commerce shopping cart audit. These audits help in many ways. Like preventing website slow down or breakdown. Estimating page load time. Keeping a track over the number of visitors from various channels. All such measures make your business website able enough in providing a seamless experience to your visitors while adding good numbers to your daily traffic.

3. They Help you Understand the Competition
By using different kinds of web analytics tools, SEO firms perform checks like what keywords your competitors rank for. Where does their main traffic come from? Who backlinks to them? Such information can be really helpful in understanding the nature of their business along with the audience they cater too.

4. They Keep Your Content Fresh


Google likes websites that have fresh and updated content. But it’s no easy thing to do on your own. Writing daily blogs. Putting new banners and videos on your social handles. Promoting your products with fresh ideas. Its all part of a good SEO strategy, taken care of by SEO professionals.

5. They Provide You Measurable Results


Hoardings, banners, pamphlets. These are all things of gone days. Because you can’t measure how many people pay heed to your banners. Neither you could make sure whether someone will hold on to your pamphlets or will throw them away as soon you get out of their face. But SEO marketing is different. Top SEO firms provide you with daily reports, not only you can track your campaigns, but you can also obtain reports that help you understand your SEO position and investment in a better light.

Being in the business world means building good relations. And every business relationship is a give-and-take one. And when you choose to work with an SEO firm, you entrust them with your investment and time. And they return the favor by bringing customers and building a brand out of your business. So get started with your SEO right now. And if you don't know where to start from then a simple Google search with “Memphis SEO” might help.


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6 Mistakes That Should Be Avoided By Developing Brands To Secure Their Seo Efforts

Every day a new brand is emerging making internet even more competitive. It is very difficult to float a new business in the competitive market and never face any hardship. For establishing a business, there are many component that works together especially to maintain the ever changing algorithm of search engine.

The search engine optimization is highly crucial element which is capable to make or break your digital marketing. At times, doing a faulty SEO is the biggest mistake that new business face.

Here’s some mistake that emerging brands are very prone to create which can create a negative impact on search engine performance.

Let us begin:

1. Very poor keyword planning and completely ignoring local search


Looking into right kind of keyword is crucial for a business. It is vital to target keywords which are competitive and capture the real essence of business so that the website can get better ranking on Google. For choosing right kind of keywords requires proper thoughts and planning with a reliable tool such as Google keyword planner.


Apart from keywords, local searches are very important. Professionals from top local SEO company in Chicago suggest that most of the customer engagement with brands comes with local search listings. Local web pages and other local search result. Consider using tools like Ahrefs, AnswerThePublic etc to perform keywords research and also give focus on local searches.

2. Not using SEO for larger brand marketing strategy


For getting better response from SEO efforts, it is crucial to expose the SEO strategy with larger marketing strategy or the vision you have for your business. The more clarity you can have for the business goal, the major objectives, the better will be execution of SEO effort. Your larger strategy will help in directing keyword research and content creation accordingly. This way the aesthetics of the website and the brand messaging can be enhanced.

Brand image consistency is again an area which is not given that importance and ultimately leads insufficient attempt. Confusing message within the website make visitors abandon the website, resulting in high bounce rate.

3. Ignoring the best practices of content


Google always work for indexing content, thus, it is vital to create content which belongs to high quality.


You must be thinking quality content would only mean content which is well written. However, apart from quality, there are certain best practices that should be followed.
Some of the best practices suggested by experts from SEO services in Dallas includes:


  • Posting regular content on the blog
    Posting fresh content every time and eliminate every kind of repetitive content
    Update the past content with fresh and relevant content
    Remove any kind of links from comments
    Link only to authority pages via content
    Posting content in according to your keyword planning

    The era of keyword stuffing is long bygone thing. It is important to be clear about your business that can stand for the content of the website.

    4. Ignoring the importance of content distribution


After the content creation, it is the content distribution will holds a massive significance. Creating a content will not bring result until the content can reach far and wide. You can send your best of content to industry influencers and authorities to get better visibility for your brand. You can also have guest posting done which is a vital component for earning trusted backlinks for increasing brand visibility. Content distribution brings higher traffic and gets better leads for your website.


While you outreach for influencers, make sure to target the right kind of people.

5. Not investing in any social on go


SEO effort is not restricted to any company website. Social signal has a indirect but important influence on the search engine performance. It is important for business to establish a social presence for capturing and reaching out large number of audience. Getting adequate presence on social media also provides a trust quotient to customers.

6. Inadequate knowledge about SEO and its changes and trends


You cannot simply go on optimizing content for search engine without thinking about anything on the SEO practice.


SEO is a ever changing practice and it needs SEO audits on a periodic basis. Google update its algorithm on a continuous basis to deliver users with more adequate and relevant information. These updates are not advertise but it is important on the part of the marketers to keep a look at it and make changes in their SEO effort to avoid penalty and get better users response.



What ever which is working for today may not work efficiently tomorrow. It is very important on the part of the marketers to keep themselves updated. For new emerging brands avoiding these mistakes will help in getting long term better results.


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SEO: The new antidote for website strength


In a world full of “I should look better than my neighbour” the online marketers are gaining a lot of power. How? Well, these days everyone is so busy that they do not have the time to go out and shop. Hence, individuals are settling for online platforms to bag in their favourite brands. If you are an online marketer then you have already won half the battle. But if you are an online marketer and still you are not being able to rope in as many customers as you want then there might be something wrong in your performance. Majority of the time it happens that an online platform, despite of having the best of products and services, fail to hold the chords of the customer’s heart. In this case, the best thing that could be done is to contact the SEO training companies that can turn the tables for your business in a very short span of time. Let us get into the universe of SEO and explore it a bit more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of boosting the website performance in order to get a reputed rank in the Google search results. Any business, be it a small scale business, a medium scale business or a large scale business is bound to gain a lot through the services of SEO. The benefits are the following:

SEO attracts potential traffic to the brand
SEO, being an inbound marketing strategy that fetches a lot of sales and leads for the brand. Whenever your potential audience will be looking for the services and products that you sell, they will find you much more easily during their search. This inbound marketing strategy is customer centric. This means that a customer will never get bothered with unwanted advertisements while watching tv or while listening to their favourite songs on radio. Rather, they can access important and productive information online.

SEO advertisements are free of cost

It is natural for businesses to make an initial investment in order to attract traffic to the website. But that is all. A brand does not face the lashes of an ongoing cost in order to attract traffic to the website. But, the brand has to create a page which the search engine finds worthy enough to lead the searchers to that particular website. Hence, it is suggested to the brand to refresh the content of that page, update the latest information there or at least change the theme and video/audio content every few months.

SEO assist PR

If you are really interested to get to know the PR aspects of SEO, then connect with some reputed SEO training agencies. What they actually do is, they establish a perfect balance in between the activities of engaging, informing and entertaining a customer, the management of reputation, management and relationships with the clients and the process of attracting the traffic, leads and sales. All these give a bounce to the PR activities of an organization.

Apart from all these, the SEO in general helps a brand to move ahead in the competition and that too at an extremely economical rate. So, what is the wait for? Connect with an SEO agent soon and let your brand flourish to its full potential.  

How to Earn Leads and Sales for Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is gaining a lot of popularity as it is the technique to increase the organic traffic on the real estate websites. It is the long-term strategy used to get a higher ranking. You should use on page and off page on your website so that Google can understand what your website is all about to improve the online visibility of the website. It is important to develop highly competitive websites which contain informative and valuable content. Top 10 SEO firms focus on creating the rich content as it is necessary for your website to stand apart from the other websites.


SEO for real estate can be very effective for the growth of the business. If you want to increase the leads and sell more homes than your firm needs to rank higher in the leading search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. get higher ranking of the real estate website is not easy as it is considered to be a competitive sector and these are some of the strategies need of real estate Search Engine Optimization :


It is necessary to establish your local SEO and this will officially tell Google about your brand and your business. You have to create and get verified on Google my business account. Then you will be creating or updating citation accounts. There are several citation websites you can create.

Make your website mobile friendly because it is the best way to capture the attention of potential customers. Most home buyers tend to search for the homes on the mobile device. Your photos, videos and landing pages should all; be optimized for mobile viewing and also make sure that your website is fast.

Make sure you use the right keywords for real estate. The method of finding new homes has changed. Choose the right keywords and use SEO tool to find the search volume. It is important to know the search volume of the ideal keyword.

You can also create a real estate blog and share it on social media, SEO for real estate requires to invest in content marketing. You need to do social media and email marketing. You can share the reviews of the client's on social media because customers trust online testimonials.


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It is necessary for your website to provide information to the visitors effectively. The visitor should get the information they want with one click and within one second on landing on the homepage. It makes your website relevant to the search engine users.

These are the techniques which are important to follow as these techniques will help you to earn more leads and sales. Apart from real estate SEO, top 10 SEO firms are also gaining a lot of popularity as it uses white hat SEO tactics to improve the online visibility. Search Engine Optimization is necessary to create a useful user experience. Successful SEO strategies can take your business to the next level by improving the quality and quantity of traffic.

Advanced SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Stratergies

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the online visibility of a website on search engine result pages. You can optimize your website by implementing search engine friendly website architecture and creating the content which is valuable and informative. You can hire the real estate SEO consultant to create a user-friendly website.
Earlier the most important factor of Search Engine Optimization was the usage of keywords but now it is necessary for you to understand that there are many other factors that affect the ranking of the website. Hire the best SEO services which can help in improving the organic search engine rankings of a website. You can improve your SEO strategies by learning the advanced tips that will increase the traffic on your website. Some of the tips are :

Research of keywords is an ongoing process because the ranking of the keywords can change anytime. You should research for the primary, secondary and the long tail keywords and find the best keywords to enhance your real estate marketing strategies.

It is important to fix the broken links because links are the major component to any Search Engine Optimization strategies. Broken links should be checked with the use of broken link checkers. Always make sure that the links on your site is working or not.

You can use 301 redirects for “404 error”. When the page on the website cannot be located because a web page is deleted or the URL has been changed. From the Search Engine Optimization perspective your first option should be creating a 301 redirect for the broken pages and another option for 404 pages is to optimize them with the help of navigation which will help the users to find out what they are looking for.

Always make sure that you get the backlinks from the reputable and reliable site because the backlinks which are valuable carriers more weight an irrelevant link on the site which is filled with spammy content. Make sure that you reach out the influencers in your community.

You can also add image and videos to your website. If you want the visitors to stay on your website as long as possible than it is necessary that you should add the images and the videos that would automatically improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

Always make sure that you keep your Google's search algorithms updated. Google used to make the changes whenever it feels like it will improve the searches for the users. So google always find out a different way for better search results.

These are some of the advanced Search Engine Optimization tips. You can hire the best real estate SEO consultant for your website. Search Engine Optimization when effectively executed, it can be extremely profitable and sustainable.


Best SEO services should consist of on-page and off-page optimization. Search Engine Optimization is considered as the best way for marketing your real estate website. With the help of SEO campaigns, you can get useful and sustainable results.  

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Email Marketing Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Email is definitely one of the best internet marketing strategies, especially for small business owners. That is why companies are hiring the best email marketing service provider who can help them achieve their goals. Over the years, it has proven its value and importance with significant results and strong ROI. However, to get the best outcome, one need to do it right with utmost precision. Even after hiring top SEO agencies, they fail to accomplish desired results as evn many professionals commit mistakes and make errors. This is so because they are not aware of details that need to be taken care of. So, if you are also struggling with your email marketing strategies, then possibly you might be repeating some common mistakes again and again. Here is a list of such mistakes that you need to take care of:


Using unprofessional language
You are sending email to promote your brand and get audience attention, so you need to set first impression right. The moment someone reads it, they will judge you on the basis of the content, which include how it looks, grammatical and spelling slip-ups, language, typos, quality of the images, topic, and so on. When you land in someone else’s inbox, it means that you are competing against other big competitors who have also invested huge money and other resources to email marketing. Therefore, your email must have the capability to stand apart from others and win the competition. Make sure that you use formal and sophisticated language with precise & relevant content that is visually appealing, whether it is email template or photos/images. Remember, your newsletters are no less than electronic ambassadors for your brand and any it has to be flawless.

Not giving enough time to writing

Writing an email is definitely the most significant and dreaded task of the whole email marketing process. Hence, you need to give it sufficient time to come up with an impressive and error-free content. Write multiple drafts and ask a proficient to read it and provide honest feedback. Make the required changes and then write the final newsletter that is short, easy to read yet engaging. When you don’t give sufficient time to writing, you may post email that is not polished. Hire seasoned writers who are adept at writing such professional and promotional content.


Not optimizing content for mobile
Nowadays, most people prefer checking their mails on mobile as it is way more convenient and easy. So, if your emails are not accessible via smartphones, then users may not even take enough effort to read it and know about your product or service. Opt for responsive email template so that readers can interact easily with your emails. Always send a draft to template so that you can evaluate it on other devices and operating systems before starting your final campaign. For this, you can use testing software, such as Litmus which is quite effective to accomplish your goal.


Keeping irrelevant contacts
You might have a long email list that you are proud of but if there are some contacts that are irrelevant or may not get engaged in the content, then it is time to remove them. Get rid of contacts that haven’t read your emails or has shown no interest in your business for the past few months. Include and exclude your subscribers based on the nature of your product but be careful while doing so. Determine whether they are interested in buying your product or not and then make the final list. Get the best email marketing service provider on board who is familiar with less aggressive approach. A professional will help you create a content or change the frequency of your emails to improve the response rates.


So, without wasting anymore time, get in touch with an authentic SEO agencies and select the one that you think is worth your investment and can help you gain maximum ROI.


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How To Rank For Google's Featured Snippets?

According to the research, almost 30% of the search contains the featured snippets. And the statistics still continues to rise as the demand for voice search is increasing tremendously. In fact, it has never been so important to acquire position ‘zero’ for the search result.

Featured snippets are more likely to be clicked by the user, even more than the first position search results. Although it is one of essential parts of Google to provide the ranking, it still has been ignored the most in the process of ranking strategies.


Featured snippets help the user to answer search questions or topics in a short and concise way. Check out the essential things you need to know about featured snippets.


#1. You Can’t Generate Featured Snippets
Only Google has the right to create featured snippets; it creates them at their own discretion. You may undergo the lots of effective SEO strategies but you can never force the creation of featured snippet.


#2. You Can Capture Featured Snippets from Others
A few of the leading SEO companies list down the effective ways to acquire featured snippets through the tools, such as SEMrush, Moz Pro or Ahrefs site explorer. These tools allow you to see where your website ranks for search queries and those rankings help you to know which query currently show featured snippet and its format.


#3. Page #1 Rankings Required
Achieving one is extremely challenging unless your page ranks on page #1 for a search query that targets the featured snippet. In addition to this, the recent research shows that 99.56 percent featured snippet is from the site that ranks in the top 10 of that search term.


#4. Understand and Analyze Opportunities
You know that a featured snippet for a keyword could help you to achieve rank on page #1, it's the right time when you must try and capture it.


Analyze the current site and identify what answer they are offering to the user for their queries that satisfies them the most. Understand their strategy and improve your solutions to provide your users with a better experience for that topic.


#5. Grammar is Important
Mumbai SEO agency undergone a strict evaluation process and found that the grammatical mistakes in the heading or description section could hurt your rankings badly. Thus, it is important to check the grammar twice before publishing for the users, which affect your online reputation.

#6. Formatting is valuable
Search for the current snippet and if you found it in a table format, ensure that you frame your answer in a table format. If the current snippet is in another format, like bulleted list or paragraphs, make sure you follow the same pattern as well.


#7. Featured Snippets Are Expanding, Becoming More Diverse
Though featured snippet evolved around for a while, still, its types and displays have expanded a lot. As it is continued to expand and diversify, it provides tons of opportunities to the businesses to acquire higher ranking among Search Engine Result Pages.


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How to Improve The Quality Of Content Before Publishing it On Your Site?

Creating a content is never easy, especially creating a high-quality content; and no one can understand this better than digital marketers. It takes a lot of efforts to develop a content, including researching ideas, consulting with the experts, documenting key points and to include something relevant to the content. Once you settled all these things, then you hit the ‘Publish’ button.


Even after putting so many efforts, you didn't experience any shares or likes. But why did this happen?


The most common thing could be the poorly written content. Another reason could be because it has not been optimized for the search engine. Let's check out simple yet effective tricks to implement to improve the quality of your content.

#1. Optimize your Content


To ensure your content provides your audience with the relevant stuff, you need to show the results. Although content itself can bring the website to the higher position, optimizing from SEO is an essential point which could deliver even the better performance.


A content can be optimized in certain ways, including:


  • A catchy headline that includes keyword
    Sub-heading that include relevant keywords
    Titles and subtitles with relevant meta tags
    ALT attribute in Image
    Keywords in the text
    Meta description

    If you are looking to build long-lasting search value, you need to optimize your content to ensure your audience connect with you quickly!

    #2. Include Visual elements


High-quality articles are the necessity for every marketer. No matter how much time you invest in making that content effective but the fact is, it may not necessarily attract, convert, close, and retain your customers.


If your content isn't attracting your customer, it's because you aren't offering any value to them and they are finding it boring enough!


That's when you need to avail the best SEO services to let your audience interact with your content. Identify the causes what makes your customers leave your page. Analyze the likes and dislikes of your visitor


Make sure to attract your visitors by including high-quality images, infographics, videos and GIFs. don't make your articles look like walls of text.

#3. Include a Comments Section


The SEO company rankings reveal the fact very clearly that comments section is essential to boost engagement, as it helps in fostering relationships and knowing the feedback from customers. When you allow your customers to comment, they feel valued and that's what you wanted.


Comments help you to answer the queries of your visitors about your content and that also helps in attracting more links as well as shares. It is a strong indicator for Google that you are offering a valuable content to the customers.

#4. Earn Trust With Links


More links do not necessarily include you ranking among search result but quality links can surely be.


Your content must attract high-quality and valuable links as it helps in improving ranking, trust, and credibility.


Make sure the links are relevant and reliable to web pages. The links in the content indicate the Google that you are offering an additional information to the users which is great for your SEO.


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How To Make Your ECommerce Website SEO-Friendly?

If you are an owner of a shop and want to step into the online market then here are a few ways which will help you to make an eCommerce website. Achieving the remarkable position in the online world is never easy. No matter what search engine bots will index your page high and users will have a great experience.


If you are an SEO expert then you know that once you are in the market you cannot control your ranking. It is damn hard to control the website rank.


So let's focus on the 4 key points which can help you to improve your eCommerce SEO, that has been followed by the leading SEO company in Mumbai. Let’s dive deep into it.


#1. Robot text



If you can’t control the bots then what will you do? You will control the pages which should be indexed or which shouldn’t be there. Robot text is something which helps you to control the indexed page. It allows you to control the page whether you want this page to show to a user or not.


Let’s get this point straight, if you don’t want that the user won’t able to see a particular page until he makes the purchase then robot text can help you to do that and think how good it will be when a user leaves the page with good reviews.


#2. Page URL and title


Your page title and URL should be independent. It can help you to save from duplicate content or it can provide you with a best chance to rank on SERPs for special keywords. You can use trending keywords in different URLs and bots will automatically land on your page.


If you have used limited keywords on your home page then this is the chance where you can build different titles for each product.


#3. Canonical Tag


Canonical URL can help you to sell different products at different places while telling search engines that this is all from one URL. It will tell Google that you want all the link juice on this page and search engine will rank your eCommerce page high on the SERPs.


Canonical URL can help you to put multiple products under similar URL. here you have a chance to give link juice to your most important page. So now you know the value of the canonical tag.


#4. Automatic redirect


If you are consuming time to make canonical URL and 301 redirects then you don’t want to send your user to the broken links. It will create a bad image of your eCommerce page. So what is the option here?


You can use automatically redirect to redirect the user to your primary or canonical page. Isn’t it a great option? So don’t forget this point.




These are a few simple yet effective SEO strategies that are sure to improve the page rank of the eCommerce website.  In fact, these are the commonly followed SEO services ludhiana companies implement to get more traffic.


Make an SEO friendly page because it will help you to secure a place in the organic results and trust me you don’t want to lose this position. It can drive a lot of traffic to your website.